Monday, June 20, 2011

deppressed test .

Keep in mind that these scores are not a substitute for a professional diagnosis. No web site can diagnose depression or rule it out. If you believe that you may be suffering from a depressive disorder, please consult with your general practicioner or visit a psychologist in your area

You Scored Highly For at Least One Form of Depression

Click on the disorder names in your results box to get more information on each one. On those pages you will find explanations and symptoms, as well as links to books and depression online resources so that you can gain a better understanding of these disorders. Keep in mind that depression is the most common mental health disorder, and if you dohave depression you are certainly not alone.

Do Not Suffer In Silence

Depression often responds well to treatment. Yet the sad truth is that most depression sufferers go for years before getting diagnosed. If you notice that depressive symptoms are interfering with your life and pursuit of happiness, please know that help does exist and you do not have to continue to live this way. Talk to your doctor about depression. The sooner you do, the sooner you will get on with the business of living your life!

Am i ?? do i look that deppressed ??
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